Let's get you on-board!

Managing a Coworking is already time consuming. Implementing CokuApp in your space won't be. We take care of most of the process so that everything is configured exactly as you need. This is the process that we follow:

1 – Write us an email at sales@coku-app.com, we speak both English and Spanish. Let us know the name of your space and your name.
2 – We will ask you some details, such as the Currency, Language, Timezone; and we configure your new account. We make sure that all of your team is ready to use it.
3 – You send us the data that you wish us to import – for example 'contacts' for the CRM – and we import it.
4 – We help you configure the payment gateway, like Stripe or GoCardless – if you want.
5 – All ready. Start using CokuApp. We will be available to solve any issues you may have.
6 – After a month we get back to you and if everything is working well for you then we set up your billing details and you will be charged 20€ a month.
7 – That's it :)