CokuApp: The web application for managing your coworking space.

  • Get paid

    You have created a productive environment for your members and your members want to pay you.

    With CokuApp your members will be able to pay you very easily. You will be able to invoice your customers online using a credit card or Direct Debit. We integrate with Stripe and GoCardless.

  • Automatic invoicing with Contracts

    Your members love your space and want to stay for the long run, but having to manually create an invoice for them each month is a waste of your valuable time.

    With CokuApp, you can set up contracts, so that an invoice is automatically created each month, saving you time that you can invest in productive things.

  • Rock solid support

    Sometimes you have a question that needs quick answer. Or you have a magnificent idea to improve this platform. In both cases, you need someone to talk to that can help you.

    We are 100% dedicated to this product, so you can expect fast responses to your questions, suggestions, and love letters. We hear you at

  • Reservations

    Are you still using Excel to manage which desk belongs to who? You know that is error prone and time consuming.

    But what if you had a tool that knew accurately what space is being used by who and updated that in real time?

    CokuApp lets you manage the reservations of desks and rooms with accuracy and without errors.

  • Flat, simple & fair pricing

    You want to focus on getting as many members as you can and create the best coworking space ever, not worrying about some arbitrary limits imposed by your tools and how much that member is that going to increase your costs. So we have a very simple pricing: It's 49€ per month and then 15€ per venue. Two venues are included for free with the base plan. And that's it.

    • Add as many members as you want.
    • Add as many managers as you need.
    • Record as many invoices, contract, reservations as you can.
    • We don't charge any extra for our integration with Stripe or GoCardless, or contract, or anything else. No surprises.

    Grow your business without worries, we got you covered.

  • Happy customers are our priority

    We want happy customers. So if you feel that we don't deliver, you can cancel the contract at any time. Also, if after trying it for a month you feel like we are not the right tool, you only need to ask to get your money back.

  • Sweet deal, isn't it? :)

    Join for free for a couple of days and see if it fits your needs. Got a question? Contact us at

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