An affordable and intuitive web application for managing your coworking space

Hello, I am CokuApp

CokuApp is a product designed for managers of coworking spaces who seek to use technology to save time and increase revenues.

It is a web application that can help you manage the contact information of your coworkers, collect payments (credit card via Stripe and bank transfers via GoCardless), assign desks and other kinds of resources to coworkers, record reservations – making sure that you don't overbook – keep track of vouchers's usage – such as daypasses – record income and expenses with a simple accounting book, and make sure that you understand the status of your business at all moments with simple to-the-point reports.

CokuApp is a Software as a Service with a fixed monthly subscription no matter how many coworkers you have. Start your free trial by opening an account or contact me at and I will answer any question you may have.

Know your coworkers

CokuApp includes a contact management system. Space managers can use it to keep track of all of the relevant information of a coworker, such as billing information.

Use a flexible tagging system to categorize your coworkers in any way that makes sense to you, and quickly find them all. For example you can tag a contact as a 'visitor' and then a week later you can search for all of the contacts with the tag 'visitor' and send them an email to ask them what they thought about joining your space.

Group contacts and get a report on how much revenue you get per contact, and per group of contacts. Know exactly what is the economic relevance of each one your customers and understand the risk of losing one of those clients so that you can make sure that you don't. Categorize your contacts according to their craft and get an income report per craft. Know exactly who your customers are.

The joy in being paid for your hard work


CokuApp includes a invoicing tool. Space managers can use it to get paid for the services that they provide to coworkers.

The integration with the CRM makes sure that you don't waste time typing billing information. And you define the products beforehand – a name and a price. So to create an invoice you only need to select the coworker from a list, click on the products you wish to add and that's it. It is as simple as it gets. And as advanced as you may need: support multiple tax rates, add discounts (flat amount or percentage), use different invoice series for different product lines or venues.

And the integration with Stripe and GoCardless open the possibility to collecting payment online with a credit card or a bank transfer.


CokuApp includes a membership management system. Space managers can use to automate the collection of payments for ongoing services.

You won't have to write invoices one by one anymore. Set a membership for a coworker once and the system will automatically generate an invoice for the coworker each month.


CokuApp includes an accounting book. The owner of a coworking space can use it to register income and expenses and know exactly the state of the business.

Are you making money? Are you losing money? Does your income fluctuate through the year? You will know the answer to those questions and you will be able to prepare and adapt. Monthly and yearly reports will give you an eagle vision of how things are looking, and since it compares with the previous year you will know how things are progressing.

Reservations & Resources


CokuApp includes a booking management system. Coworking space managers can use to make reservations of conference rooms.

Make a reservation by selecting the room, date and time. You will immediately know if there is any conflict with a previously arranged reservation because it will warn you about it – but will let you do it if you so wish. Add participants to the reservation to know who is taking part of it. And then invoice it with the integrated invoicing system. You can even make reservations spanning multiple days.

Resource management

CokuApp includes a resource management system. Coworking space managers can use it to assign specific resources to specific coworkers. This way you always know which desks are available and who does a desk belongs to.

You start by defining the resources of your space – just a name: like Desk 1, or Desk 2, or Mail Box 1. Then you assign it to a coworker by selecting it from a list; that's it. You will know the resources assigned to a coworker by looking at his profile – or the resources list.

You can define all the resources that you need and then categorise them using the tagging system to find them even quicker.


CokuApp includes a voucher management system. Coworking space managers to keep track of your coworkers's usage of voucher or coupon codes.

You start by defining all the types of vouchers that you offer in your coworking space. A counter with the number of available vouchers appears in the profile of your coworkers. You can change the number, add to it or subtract.

The voucher system integrates with the invoicing tool. You can define a product that contains a voucher and then whenever you invoice a coworker with that product the the voucher will magically appear in the coworker's profile.

Voucher can measure all sort of things: Days, Minutes, Hours, Units. And if you need something else just contact us and we will add it.


Invoice Series

CokuApp includes support for multiple invoice series. Coworking space owners with multiple venues can use it to separate the invoices from one venue and the others. Define an invoice series with a name, and a format for the invoice number. Then assign the right invoice series to each one of your venues. When you create an invoice for a venue the correct invoice series is automatically used.

Multiple users

CokuApp supports multiple users. Coworking space owners can create a user for each member of the managing team. Each user can have a role with specific permissions.

Multiple Venues

CokuApp includes supports multiple venues. Coworking space managers can use this to centralise contact information while being able to invoice independently.

Stripe & GoCardless

CokuApp integrates with Stripe and GoCardless. Coworking space managers can use this integration to be able collect payments via credit card or bank transfers.

Integrating any of those services is very simple and can be done in one click if you already have an account on those services. Creating an account in Stripe or GoCardless is pretty straightforward too.

With Stripe you can order charges and have the invoices automatically paid – it as simple as selecting that payment method when creating a charge. With GoCardless is the same process. GoCardless payments take a little bit more of time to process. CokuApp will update the status of the charge in real time and you will know when it success and when it fails.

We are unique

Software as a Service

CokuApp is a Software as a service kind of product. Which means that you will pay a monthly subscription and you can use application right away. There is nothing to install. Upgrades are automatic, you don't have to manage any kind of servers: We take care of it.

Money back guarantee

CokuApp is a tool designed for coworking spaces. Nonetheless if you are not happy with what you were provided for, we offer you a 2 months money back guarantee. If you subscribe to a paid CokuApp plan and you don't like it we give you back your money.

Fixed price

We at CokuApp don't believe that spaces should be charged by the number of coworkers. Instead we offer you a fixed price: 20€ per month. No matter of many coworkers you have. Grow your business without worries.

Painless migration

Migrating form one system to another can be a painful process. We will help you through it all. If you have data to migrate to the new, we can help you with that.

Honest, simple, and fair pricing


  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited co-managers
  • Unlimited memberships
  • Manage Vouchers
  • Manage Reservations
  • Manage Resources
  • Accounting book
  • Great Support
  • Up to 5 contacts
  • Up to 1 Venues
  • No Integration with GoCardless
  • No Integration with Stripe

  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited co-managers
  • Unlimited memberships
  • Manage Vouchers
  • Manage Reservations
  • Manage Resources
  • Accounting book
  • Great Support
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited venues
  • Integration with GoCardless
  • Integration with Stripe
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